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Title :    Exploring India Shipment Data and its Impact on Global Trade
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India is a developing country and no doubt it has shown great progress in the last few years. It is in the process of becoming the most powerful economy .

Which is why India also plays an important role in the import export data . Other countries want India shipment data to see what goods are being traded in India .

By looking at the data many countries like the USA and Japan can learn a lot about India .This information also helps businesses and governments to make better decisions.

In this post we will explore the India shipment data and see how it can have an impact on global trade

Exploring India shipment data

Import and export data is a very effective tool in knowing about the country's economy.

 India's shipment data contains the records of goods that were exported and imported .

 These have shipments from different sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, services .

Studying this data will help traders know some new trends and patterns

Let us explore this import export data

Export trend

In India the export sector is now growing fastly in the recent years. According to India import export data the total value of India's exports in the year 2022-2023 reached USD 340 billion which was 14% higher

The reason of this growth is the quality of goods that Indian Makers provide and other than that the government policies that have encouraged people to make goods in India .

The top exported items from India are

  • Petroleum products
  •  Gems and Jewelry
  •  Pharmaceuticals
  • Textiles
  •  Engineering goods.


Import trends

According to the India shipment data the country's import sector is also important in improving or growing it's economy.

 In the year 2022-2023 India's imports were around USD 490 billion and it was 12% greater than previous year .

The top import categories for India

  • Crude oil
  • Electronic goods
  • Gold
  • Machinery
  • Chemicals.


How does this data impact the global trade

Trade and Relationships

The records related to the import and export can help countries to understand the Indian economy, their needs and some patterns and techniques that can help in maintaining trade relationships with India .

Not only that it can help build diplomatic relationships. It helps in strengthening the relationship. As it lets you make smart decisions.

Making policies :

The government uses the import and export data for many reasons as well.

One reason is th

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