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Title :    High Demanding Product Export From India to USA
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India has covered the top spot in the trading sector globally.

In the recent years as per the India import export data the demand for Indian goods in the United States has increased.

 This shows how strong the economic relations are between them.

The very old trade relationship is still standing strong and India has been exporting a lot of goods to the USA.

Traditional exports like textiles and spices still are in high demand and due to which India has seen a rise in the export sector.

In this post, we will look at some of the high demanding products that India exports to USA so let's get started.

Why USA and other countries export goods from India?

The USA and many other major countries export goods from India because first India makes really good products and of the highest quality that too at cheaper rates.

This attracts people from around the world to make their business profitable.

The reason why they find goods cheaper in India is because of the currency difference The Indian rupee is much cheaper than let's say USD which is why they find it cheaper and import from India to cut their costs.

Also after many countries in the world denied using Chinese goods that were way cheaper than Indian goods as well. One more reason is that these countries were able to find raw materials.

These qualities make India famous to import goods from .

What are some high demanding exports from India to the USA?

Organic and Ayurvedic products :

As we all know India is a land of culture and has a lot of history. People in India still practice many ancient methods like Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a science which was developed in India and it encourages to keep themselves healthy by using organic and natural things which have no side effects.

Nowadays people are into health and fitness hence there is a high demand for organic and Ayurvedic products in the USA according to the import-export data.

Indian manufacturers saw this as an opportunity to grow and have started exporting such products.

There are different categories in which these goods are exported in the American market like organic foods skincare products etc.

Spices :

When people talk about India they also talk about its food. Indian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisine and even people from the USA love it.

The secret to Indian cuisine's taste is its spices!

These spices are in very high demand not only in the USA but worldwide as per the global import export data.

The data showed us that it grew 23% percent from previous years also the export of spices will continue to grow as the spice market is increasing in America.

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